Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moving on

Moving is defined as producing motion. Change of residence, transfer of furnishings, vehicle in motion. The second definition is something that evokes a strong emotional response, that stirs one deeply.

All the above applies. I've been looking for a new home, leaving an old one that has decades of family history seeped in its walls.

 Went here recently, just wandering:

and here, where the view from this lot was breathtaking (hard to see in the shot):

and here to have a cup of tea and get out of a downpour:

 oh, and since it's October, I stumbled across a very scary abandoned day care when checking out another neighborhood:

None of these pictures are great photos, since taking pictures was an afterthought of four days covering almost 500 miles of driving in Seattle-Tacoma looking at rental properties. Yes, that is where I'm going to move, leaving Southern California for the Pacific Northwest.

The area is beautiful, and there are lots of writers and artists, so I expect to enjoy myself, fit in, and finally have time to get back to writing.

Any of my blog buddies or SCBWI folks up there? I'd love to meet you sometime. I expect to be settling in during November.

All my SoCal friends I will miss terribly, but I'll come back for visits. That's a promise.