Saturday, December 21, 2013

Short days, warm hearts

Happy Winter Solstice! I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season whatever you celebrate.

Yesterday we had the sweetest snowfall. I awakened, drew back the curtain and found an inch of white had drifted silent and soft upon the world.

I pulled on my fuzzy-lined snow boots and my hat and jacket and went out walking, letting snowflakes land on my nose and eyelashes. There were magic things like pink ornaments with snow tops.

Kids swarmed out of houses, packing up snowballs and chasing one another, laughing and beaming with excitement.

Under foot, the crunch of snow, while the flakes still came down in silence.

I'm settling into my new space, my new life, feeling as excited as the children in the snow. There is a freshness and sense of seeing the world anew.

I loved coming upon this still snow-covered street with its wide-open view of hills beyond. On clear days, the Cascade mountains can be seen along that horizon.

As the chores of house-selling, moving a thousand miles and setting up in a new state begin to wind down, I've been finding time to read again and plan to post some year-end reviews. I feel the writer in me stirring with anticipation after such a long hiatus.

Soon I hope to start filling my pocket notepad with haiku as I ramble the new walking trails I've discovered (photos to come!) and to open my neglected manuscript. I'm sure that will be a shock!

This snowy birdbath looks kind of like a giant mushroom, yes? I'm ready for adventures large and small.

I miss my blogging friends. *waves* *blows kisses* Let me know how you are!