Thursday, April 1, 2010

Witches and zombies and poems, oh my!

It's April First, which means April Fool's Day and National Poetry Month (you didn't see that coming, did you?).
I'm not playing tricks on you, but I am going to be playful and post some zombie haiku I wrote for a contest Angela Ackerman at The Bookshelf Muse held some time ago. I won a highly coveted critique from her. Still grateful.
Also, I just got picked as a Most Relevant finalist in Andrea Cremer's paranormal haiku contest, although I didn't win the ARC of her upcoming NIGHTSHADE. Her sorting hat picked someone quite deserving, but I soooooo want to read that book! *howls mournfully*
So here you go--a string of spooky, funny or just-plain-gross haiku.
heads thrown back, ears flat,
wolves howled the moon loose from its
mooring in the trees
hovering around
a circle of ancient stones,
wraiths found their anchor
the witches circled,
gazing on the flightless creatures
impotent below
my darlings, my dears,
bring me back a nice spoonful
of brains for our tea
along the old road
not a soul--only echoes
of shuffling footsteps
wrapping moist innards
in bamboo leaves, she pauses
to lick her fingers


Tere Kirkland said...

The last one is just priceless!

Happy April Fool's Day!

Angela Ackerman said...

Still love them! Maybe I should make it an annual contest!

Julie Dao said...

My favorite one is the witches circling. Spooky!! You are a haiku master!

Stephanie Thornton said...

I like the wraiths, but that last one is totally gory! Thanks for sharing these!

Anonymous said...

I always love your Haiku. My favorite is the wolves.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

You guys--Tere, Angela, Julie, Stephanie, Wen--make me so happy! I love that everybody has a different favorite. It's so great to know they speak-bwahahahaha--to people in unique ways. *grinning like a fool*

Andrea Cremer said...

Your entries were soooooo great, Tricia! Be sure to keep entering my contests as they arrive!

Donna said...

Eeeeeee. My favorite is "wrapping moist innards in bamboo leaves." said...

My favorite is the one beginning "my darlings, my dears." I like the innocent surface style so mater-of-factly crossed with gore. LOL Or maybe it's my fondness for tea.

sarahjayne smythe said...

OMG! That last one. Killer. :)

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Andrea: I'll be there trying to win, for sure. Must. Have. :D

Donna: Ha! I like writing that one. It has the feel of old-style haiku but blech!

Hi Mary Anne! Don't forget your napkin, dear.

sarahjayne: Yay, I'm all smiles!

Jan Morrison said...

What great fun - this is my first visit to your site - I LOVE the one that begins "along the old road". perfect.

Unknown said...

All bow to the haiku master.

Liza said...

OMG, these are fantastic. I love the wolves howling the moon loose...

Shannon Messenger said...

Zombie Haiku FTW. OMG-that was EPIC. :)

Tess said...

brains for tea? ooo..that is a spooky and marvelous image all at the same time. You are so talented at haiku!

Jemi Fraser said...

It just might be a little scary having tea at your place, Tricia :) Love these!!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Well done!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Welcome, Jan! I'm so glad you came to visit. It's interesting that you chose one nobody else did. I'm fond of that one, too, because it's quiet but eerie.

Karen: *blush*

Liza: I'm getting giddy with delight.

Shannon: Yay! *more blushing*

Tess: I like the incongruity of it. :D

Jemi: Ha! Virtual tea will do then.

Thanks, Sharon!

Yvonne Osborne said...

Zombie Haiku? Yikes. My favs are #4 and #6. Please pass the gore.


Jackee said...

Awesome! I especially love the last one--it makes me want to laugh and retch at the same time. LOL!

Anonymous said...

ooooh moist innards!! hehehe love it! :o)))))

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Oooo, Tricia, you are the Haiku queen! This one's my favorite:
hovering around
a circle of ancient stones,
wraiths found their anchor

You rock! :-)

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Yvonne: Glad you enjoyed. ;)

Jackee: Ha! Just the effect I was looking for.

Niki: *grins*

Shannon: I feel like I should plug in a guitar. Yay, I'm loving this!

Linda Kage said...

Eww! Actually, my two favorite haikus are number 4 and 6, which happen to be the grossest ones, I'd say. Love them.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Linda: Sometimes we just love the gross-out. :)