Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin face

This year's pumpkin is full of glee of the scary sort.

Of course, I did reveal its face by stabbing and hacking and peeling. Who knows what lies within until we set it free?


You still have until midnight to enter my mini-contest for All Hallow's here.

Happy Halloween.

Stay safe and gleeful.

P.S. I plan to hand out goodies to cute goblins and watch old episodes of Supernatural. How about you?


Shallee said...

I'm impressed! My pumpkins always turn out a little weird-looking, but this looks great! Happy Halloween!

Sarah Ahiers said...

LOVE IT! I love how sinister it is! I typically rotate by doing scary ones, or ones that are scared (though this year i didn't fit into either of those categories. Go fig)

Bish Denham said...

Very cool pumpkin Tricia! We will spending the night at home. We don't get trick or treaters so we didn't have to get candy and/or dress up.

Paul C said...

You are quite the Halloween good witch. The supernatural I like is of the classical kind.

storyqueen said...

That is a great pumpkin! Cali wanted to make our pumpkin look like it was barfing, but then the face she carved was just too cute to be a puker (thank goodness!)

I plan to sit in front of our house and throw candy to the masses....


Donna said...

We're still in costume and, so far, have counted 133 trick-or-treaters. Yay! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I'm envious of your scary pumpkin face!

Robyn Campbell said...

Nice job, Pat! We live so far out in the country, they have to pipe in the sunshine to us. WE NEVER GET TRICK OR TREATERS. So I stopped buying loads of candy, bad for the kids teeth. This year we had ONE kid knock on the door. Poor thing left disappointed too. All we had was peppermint. :)

Hope your Halloween was SIMPLY TERRIFYING.

Christina Lee said...

Oooh spooky! Hope you had fun!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

@Shallee: Thank you. It is one of my great pleasures (carving pumpkins).

@Sarah: I lean to sinister in my pumpkins. The few times I tried silly or happy faces, I failed.

@Bish: Hope your evening was relaxed. I don't get a lot of kids here, but I love to see the little ones in costume.

@Paul: Oh, I'll take that--a good witch.

@Shelley: Ha! I've seen a barfing pumpkin with the slimy seed mass trailing out. Ack. Hope the masses didn't overrun you.

@Donna: Wow! 133. You gotta be exhausted. You must be on the best-house list.

@Robyn: I bet you could make the trek to your place darn scary! Once, I lived in a country area and we had to walk up long lanes to people's houses in the woods. Oh boy was that spooky.

@Christina: Hi! Yes, it was fun. Hope your's was, too.