Sunday, May 17, 2009

Creative Sight Take Two

The full impact of Sight Unseen didn't hit me until I met up with Doug McCulloh to see the show he curated at the UC Riverside California Museum of Photography. To be in a room full of powerful pictures shot by those who can't see the work themselves is a moving experience. The blind artists each have vision unique to their insight of the world.

I shot these photos of McCulloh in front of Kurt Weston's "String Theory: The Space Between Us," which is work done by using a scanner. And, stretching into artsy, I captured McCulloh's hand as he talked about the light painting technique of Pete Eckert's work. You're seeing Eckert's "Electroman" slightly out of focus and from an angle.

If you are in SoCal, it's worth a trip to the museum, although you can see photos online, as well. The exhibit is up through Aug. 29 at 3824 Main St. Riverside,
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