Monday, September 24, 2012

Book winner and many musings

The winner of a copy of the wonderful new release THE SEVEN TALES OF TRINKET by Shelley Moore Thomas is Laurel Garver, who if you've never met her is a Hobbit-loving, grammar-loving author/editor/blogger. I drew the winner the old-fashioned way from slips of paper in my hat. The paper was recycled from my WIP, so on the back it read, "You'll wake everyone." There you have it: A very good morning to all.
Here are some good moments I found recently:
On a trail in the Dana Point highlands, searching for a songbird.
a questioning tweet
above, from a bird as small
and gray as a mouse
Dozens and dozens, perhaps hundreds of these odd, tiny jellies washed ashore. They look like pretty paperweights, but I wouldn't dare pick one up. Watched my step, as well.
The space shuttle Endeavour flying over my neighborhood! I loved how the pier was packed shoulder-to-shoulder and the beach dotted with people holding cameras and cell phones, waiting, then cheering. It was like magic came to call, and, for a moment, we were transported.
So many pretty sunsets. And because we started with good morning, here's a shot of dawn on my block:

PSA: Later this week I have a Q&A with Natalie Bahm, author of THE SECRET UNDERGROUND, and one of the nicest people on the planet.


Anne Gallagher said...

That shot of Endeavor is amazing. I almost want to cry.

Christina Lee said...

How wild-- I thought that was a plastic bag filled with liquid!!

Happy Monday!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Anne: It made me want to cry, it was so moving.

Christina: Aren't those the weirdest jellies? I stared at them for a bit before I figured out what they were, especially since a bunch of them littered the shore.

Liza said...

How lucky to see the shuttle! I love dawn on your street!

Yvonne Osborne said...

How lucky you are to have seen the shuttle. I hate it that they're now all retired with no replacements on the horizon.

And...I've missed taking walks with you! Thanks for sharing more of your lovely pictures. We have beauty here but nothing quite competes with the beauty and breadth of the ocean. I'll look forward to your Q&A.

Jemi Fraser said...

Great photos! I hate to think the shuttles won't be going on any more missions.

I didn't know what the jelly was at first - how absolutely gorgeous!!

Golden Eagle said...

Great shot of Endeavor! Though it's sad that the space shuttle program has ended.

The jellyfish is really cool.

Donna said...

Yay, loved the trip down your beach and neighborhood.

Laurel Garver said...

Those gorgeous skies. Sigh. Great, great photos.

And am I psyched to win this book!! My daughter and I will have a great time reading this together.

Stephanie Thornton said...

I thought the jellyfish picture was cool, but the Endeavor pic might be even more awesome!

Wonderful photographs!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Liza: I love dawn and sunset on my street, and I love that it's a "walk" street, no cars in front.

Yvonne: It warms my heart that so many people showed excitement over seeing the Endeavour. Clearly, we need to wonder of space exploration in our lives.
It also warms my heart that you feel like we walk together. :D I think I'll just smile and smile about that.

Jemi: Those jellies looked like clear plastic or glass balls when I first saw them. It took awhile to realize just what they were. The sparkle and gleam in the light.

Eagle: I hope we can someday return to a vibrant space program. We are part of such a vast universe and need to be reminded of that. Human beings love to explore, right?

Donna: It's a lovely day in the neighborhood. :)

Laurel: Oh, yes, reading it with your daughter will be perfect!

Stephanie: I wish I'd thought to bring more than my cell phone, but I wasn't even sure how close the Endeavour would approach. It took my breath away. :D

Unknown said...

That jelly has me hypnotized. I'm afraid I would pick it up because I couldn't help myself.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Laraine: It was so tempting! All glistening in the sunshine....