Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The thing about sunsets and something important

We all love a good sunset.
Everybody with a camera or cell phone tries to catch that ephemeral moment.
And I thought I'd share some of mine right now, because things have been sooooooo intense for all of us lately, what with contentious elections and superstorms. So here's to joy and beauty and that sense of wonder a sunset can give.

The sun will come up tomorrow. We can count on that. Unless, of course, you're writing dystopian and have decided to scare the bejeebers out of us. Love you all! We're good here.
And for those of you who write or are teachers or librarians there is an amazing online auction to raise money to benefit the Red Cross relief effort for people devastated by Sandy. The project is hosted by Kate Messner and the Twitter hashtag is #KidLitCares. Some of the authors, agents, editors putting up critiques, Skype visits, phone chats, books and more are Laurie Halse Anderson, Veronica Roth, Cheryl Klein, Ellen Hopkins, Linda Sue Park, Mo Willems, Jennifer Laughran. Oh, there are so many more. Check it out, put in a bid. Such a good cause.


Unknown said...

The only thing that could possibly improve our AZ sunsets would be the ocean. I love these shots and am grateful for every new day

Sarah Laurence said...

Lovely sunsets! After the devastation of the storm, it is good to remember that nature can be benign and that people are reaching out to help. I feel for NY and NJ to be hit by early snow so soon after Sandy.

Ara Burklund said...

You're such a talented photographer, Tricia! Always love stopping by to check out your pix!

Thanks for linking to the auction, too. Great cause!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Laraine: The ocean improves just about everything. ;)

Sarah: I feel fortunate not to be suffering a disaster and so sorry for those whose lives are still upended. Nature can certainly take our breath away in quite opposite ways.

Ara: Aww, thank you! Oddly, I just use an iPhone these days, but I learned how to frame a shot and at what moment to take it from my father-in-law who was a photographer and from the photographers at the newspaper where I was a writer. I enjoy capturing moments that capture my interest.
I hope people go on over and bid in that auction. It's fantastic.

Julie Dao said...

I always love your beautiful pictures! The sunset is heavenly no matter where in the world we go!

Liza said...

After reading you for so long, it only now dawned on me how many lovely sunsets you get over the ocean. I on the other hand, have to get up at dawn to catch the sun on the horizon. Beautiful, Tricia. BTW, there is a little tribute for you over at Middle Passages today.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Julie: I love that such magic really exists in our world. Thank you!

Liza: Your photos always inspire me. Nature is an uplift for both of us, I believe. I'll be on over, thank you!