Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend of loves

I've been waiting two months for this weekend when I'm going to SCBWI Writers Day in L.A. This was the treat I bought myself during the difficult days of my mother's trauma. It seemed so far away then and so much has happened in between.

Now, I'm shoulder-to-the-wheel to complete a synopsis for a mini-workshop Sunday with editor Stacey Barney, and I'm looking forward to Saturday's speakers who include agent Michael Bourret. Should be fun and interesting.

This weekend is packed with other events I hope get great turnouts, too.


Heads up if you're in L.A. for the L.A. Times Festival of Books.

I've written about my love of her books several times. She captures the wonder and imagination of children while grounding her fantastical stories in clever, wise ways.

One of my bookshelves is lined with her books. If you haven't discovered her, you've got lots of great reading ahead!

Publishers Weekly put this up. And GreenWillow Books.


And last but way far from least is Earth Day. My beloved planet needs us to love her all the time, but, if you can, do something special this weekend. Plant a tree? Clean a park? Make a donation to organizations that preserve wildlife habitat?

Tip: Here's a picture of my handy clean-up pincers that I've used in lakes and along beaches that get trashed. You can find this tool in dollar stores. It's cheap and works great at grabbing stuff without you having to bend over or soil your hands.


Wishing you a happy, productive weekend whatever you do. Even if it's relaxing in a deck chair!


Tere Kirkland said...

We just started recycling at work (it's a big deal here since there was no public recycle pick-up for five years after the storm), and I've become a monster, telling people to rinse out their yogurt cups and plastic take-out containers for recycling. It's a small change, but it makes a big difference!

Have a great weekend, Pat!

Yvonne Osborne said...

I will be weeding my asparagus bed and planting lettuce. Does that count? I do plan on planting a tree before the end of the month. Good luck at the conference this weekend. Although I don't think luck is not what you need!

Donna said...

Happy readers' and earth days to you!

Liza said...

Have a wonderful time at SCBWI! I'm so glad you mentioned Earth Day. I just returned from a trip into Boston. It's been 25 years since I worked there, and the city has undergone an amazing transportation...a harbor that was polluted sludge is now clean enough to swim in, and the islands surrounding the city have been designated a National Park Area, with hiking and camping available. It just happened that I went in THIS weekend and really eyeballed how much the environment has improved. It was a thrill.

Bish Denham said...

I've added Jones to my looooong list of books and authors to read. If you recommend her that's all I need.

And keep up the good work in helping to keep your small corner of the world clean.

(I wish I could be in L. A. just so I could finally meet you in person.)

Jemi Fraser said...

I try to be pretty environmentally conscious all the time. My students pick up on it too. Another teacher tossed a post-it note in the garbage instead of the recycling bin the other day and they all flipped! :)

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Tere: SO good to see you! I'm always glad to hear about keeping those plastic cups out of landfill or from washing downstream where they can kill wildlife. Each step helps.
Hope your weekend is great, too.

Yvonne: Every plant counts in spades. ;) I love that you have an organic garden.

Donna: Happy right back at ya, my friend.

Liza: Yay for Boston! Such nice news.

Bish: I just know you'll love Diana Wynne Jones. And, oh, how I'd like to meet you one day face-to-face for tea or coffee or book talk!

Jemi: Wow, even down to a post-it. Amazing!

LynNerdKelley said...

I hope you have a great time at Writers Day and all your other weekend adventures. Those pincers look pretty cool. Thanks for the tips! Take care.

Golden Eagle said...

I hope you're enjoying SCWBI! :)

Suzanne Casamento said...

I'm jealous about Writers Day! One of my critique group members went, so I'm excited for our Monday meeting so I can find hear all about it.

I hope you had a great time and I bet your synopsis was great. :)

storyqueen said...

Hope your Writer's Day was awesome! You must be about ready to send off you ms soon, right? I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

I just found out that the artist who did my cover, Dan Craig, also illustrated a cover of Howl's Moving Castle. Wow. DWJ forever.

Happy Earth Day!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Lynn and Eagle: I did, I did!

Suzanne: Oh, I wish I'd know about your friend, but then again, I bought a book there and saw you in the acknowledgments. So who could that be? ;)

Shelley: It was fantastic. I must write a post about the entire weekend.
And, oh, I am awed that your cover artist did Howl's, which is one of my favorite books ever.

Phoenix said...

Two years ago I gave up plastic water bottles (bought myself a CamelBak from REI) and it's paid off in more ways than one (in that I don't have to buy plastic water bottles, and that I don't have to throw away plastic water bottles anymore.) And I am in LA but I missed the Festival of Books this time around - hope you had a good time if you went :)