Friday, July 24, 2009


I went to the sea for enlightenment and found a lost world, a hidden seadom, the pillars that hold up our world. See how the ocean is supported by those pilings? Did you know about this? It's simply amazing to think I've walked the shore so many times and never glimpsed it's secret underpinings.
Gotta think that the designers and engineers realized that the weight and movement of such a vast amount of water would require serious structural elements.
Kinda like a story. How's that for a segue?
So what's the story of this shimmery land beneath the ocean? Tell me, I'm dying to hear what you think.


BJW said...

Of course, it all makes so much sense. I've been wondering how the ocean is held up. Clever engineering. I've heard it's a no-nonsense place. Work gets done by task-oriented people in Carhartts. They take great pride in it and they believe that form always follows function. It's a big ocean, takes a lot of structural integrity. And it's not like it's just the ocean they've gotta hold up. Sidewalks, ponds, hot dog carts. These things don't just stay up on their own. It takes hard work. And brains.

Not that they are all about work. They get a day off every leap year to screw off and do whatever they please. Usually what they please is getting inspiration at the architecture sections of used bookstores. Frank Lloyd Wright is a biggie. Same with Green and Green.

Thanks for introducing me Tricia, who knew creative enlightenment would be so logical. Glad you're back. Stick around a while. Put your feet up. Here's your cozy slippers. Pillow? Quilt? Well then, we'll just put the coffee on for you and you get started on that journal there. Good to have you back in the Northwest.

Unknown said...

*I adore that picture and your thoughts*

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

BJW--Yay, you know the place! I didn't know about the bookstores--how cool is that? But I haven't figured out how they deal with leaks...


Donna said...

What's the shimmery land beneath? I'd say Atlantis.

BJW said...

Leaks... Indeed. Hmm.

PJ Hoover said...

It looks like the structure is made of bones. Maybe giant bones?

Of course, I have to go with Lemuria for the land beneath the sea!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Donna--We finally found Atlantis! It must have drifted with the sea current. :)

BJW--It's the chicken-and-egg syndrome. Is the ocean under the sea or the other way 'round? Which way does it leak?

PJ--Oooooo, giant bones. I like that. The giants live under the sea and hold the world up with the bones of their ancesters. Eek.
And Lemuria, of course! (Anybody who doesn't know, PJ's books take place in Lemuria)

Thanks for playing everybody. I'm gonna post bunch more sea fotos once I stop juggling all the balls I've currently got in the air.